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How to Sell Used Diamonds and Jewelry – Info

It’s good to know what to expect when you do anything for the first time. For many people, they will only be selling estate jewelry or a used diamond once or twice in their lives. This leaves little room for mistakes, so we’ve written a brief guide to explain a few things that tend to surprise people about the process of selling a diamond or jewelry. If you’ve been wondering what that old family jewelry or antique engagement ring in the attic might be worth, read on!

Estimates of value and appraisals. These can be from jewelers or insurance companies, they have little use in determining what you can get when you are looking to sell jewelry for cash. These valuations often lead to disappointment when someone receives their first cash offer, but take heart, the value of what your selling hasn’t changed, only your expectations. The difference is that these appraisals are not from people who are interested in buying your jewelry, they are typically from people who want to sell you insurance or from retail jewelers who have no intention of paying the appraised value (but it makes their prices seem more reasonable).

The only way to know what you jewelry is worth, is the find someone who wants to buy it, and see what they will give you. That doesn’t mean you have to take the first offer either, but a few offers should give you an idea.

Certification. Certifications list the properties of a diamond, or the provenance of an antique piece of jewelry. When selling a diamond online, the certification can let a buyer, located anywhere in the world, evaluate the diamond almost as if it was there under his or her loupe. The certificate can act as a proxy for the physical diamond, avoiding costly insured shipping rates to and from any perspective buyers.

Not all certifications are created equal however. GIA is the industry standard in certifications. There are many others as well, (EGL and IGI for example) and they may be accurate in describing the diamond, but in our years of experience, no other laboratory rivals the accuracy of GIA.

The cost of certification, if needed, can vary (between $100 to $400 at GIA, for example, depending on carat weight) and should be part of the negotiation with any perspective jewelry buyers.

Getting the cash. Once you have agreed to a price with a jewelry and diamond buyer, the diamond is typically shipped, via insured mail, to the buyer, or the buyer may agree to come and meet you at your bank. The shipping of such a valuable item through the mail may seem a little crazy, but rest assured this is a common practice. Not only is insurance purchased on any such shipment, but the contents are usually obscured with nondescript business names and generic packaging.

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Wholesale Diamonds and Jewelry Trading

Jewelry items are always purchased for various purposes and its necessity can never diminish. This is one business where you can expect earning good money. With this point in mind, are many people want to enter the market of jewelry business but do not have enough knowledge to proceed on it.

The internet has unlimited information on diamond trade and the most excellent way to buy diamonds. A few years back it would seem to be an impossible task to buy diamonds online but with the strong influence of the internet, online jewelry trading is gaining significance.

Today, almost all wholesale diamonds, loose diamonds and designer jewelry are being bought and sold online. In fact, there are many diamond jewelers who have created their websites and which has made things simple. However, you have to be careful about the type and quality before purchasing them.

The internet has also maximized the supply chain which has made buying and selling of diamonds very simple. Many jewelers sell wholesale jewelry directly to the customers at wholesale rate. The rates offered by them are much lesser and reasonable which can be afforded by even a common man.

This does not imply that the wholesale diamond available online are of inferior quality. In fact, the same variety is available in the usual stores but at high rates.

Moreover, it is profitable to be into the business of online jewelry trading for both the wholesale dealers and the retail consumers. As a retailer, you are sure to save money as the price at which you get the wholesale jewelry will be of a much lower rate.

There is no doubt that most of us are apprehensive regarding the quality of the diamond offered at low and wholesale rates. So, it is very essential to get thorough information about the diamonds prior to setting out to be a diamond trader and purchase diamonds from a wholesaler dealer.

To venture more into online jewelry trading, you can also avail the jewelry affiliate plan. This is a successful program which provides entry into the jewelry business with hardly any investment.

Through this online program, you can become like a sales negotiator for the jewelry items which are manufactured and advertised by another website. All you need to do is to advertise or promote the name of that jewelry website. Sales generated through your advertisement will make you earn money.

Jewelry affiliate program increases your sales and you will make money every month. However, you need to be certain that the jewelry products which you are advertising meet certain required values and are advertised accurately on your website.

If this does not happen, it will be difficult to develop the trust of the customers and make good money. Hence, it is always better to check the background of the jewelry company for which you will be advertising.

It is important to be cautious of online wholesale jewelers who are prepared to sell the pieces at a low price. So, judge the value and quality of diamonds with the four factors, cut, color, clarity, and carat weight. It is essential that you get all the information and the grading report accurately from the wholesaler.

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Diamond and Jewelry Appraisers – How to Pick the Right One

Diamond and jewelry appraisers play an important role in the area of jewelry sales and ownership. There are many times in which an individual needs to have their diamonds and jewelry appraised. This is where appraisers enter the picture. With that said, many individuals are cautious when choosing an appraiser, especially if they need to have an accurate appraisal and if the jewelry has to leave their possession in order to be appraised. The following will provide some helpful tips on how to pick the right diamond and jewelry appraiser for your appraisal needs.

Find an Appraiser through Recommendations

One of the best ways to find a qualified individual for goods and services is through recommendations. These recommendations can come from friends, family members or even acquaintances that have knowledge in the area in which the recommendation falls. By asking others for recommendations regarding diamond and jewelry appraisers, you are speaking with those who have actually used a certain individual to appraise their diamonds and/or jewelry and can attest to the fact that they did a great job all the way through. Recommendations will not only help you to find a diamond and jewelry appraiser but to pick the right one as well.

Ask for Their Qualifications

Before handing over your precious gemstones to a diamond and jewelry appraiser whom you may not know, you should always ask them about their qualifications. Those who are certified in various gemological-related areas may have more knowledge and therefore expertise than some of their non-certified counterparts. Qualifications often provide one with more information regarding the expertise of diamond and jewelry appraisers which will give the jewelry owner greater peace of mind in handing over their jewelry items to the appraiser to be evaluated. A Master Gemologist Appraiser who has been certified by the American Society of Appraisers is one good qualification to search for when reviewing various appraisers.

Check Out Their Reputation Online

Lastly, never discount the Internet when using a new service provider, whether it is a diamond and jewelry appraiser or some other type of professional. You can always use a search engine to learn more about the reputations of diamond and jewelry appraisers. Although this will not always yield results and the results which you do find may not be entirely forthright, it will provide you with a glimpse of the prospective appraiser and give you more information as to their professional abilities and qualifications. This can be done with all of the potential diamond and jewelry appraisers or just a select few with whom you are trying to narrow down the options. The Internet is a great place to go when you want to find information on those who you are entrusting your jewelry to in order to be appraised.